Tax "cuts" for the rich


A couple of facts about the debate over taxes in Congress:
-If the govt chooses to keep current tax rates on all people (rich, middle class, poor, etc.), it isn't "giving them money"
-It doesn't matter that liberals think that the rich "don't need the extra money" - it's their money, which they earned; besides, it isn't as if they aren't already paying more taxes, not just in dollar amount but also in proportion
-These "rich people" are the people who already pay the majority of income taxes anyway
-These are our producers - they own small businesses that provide the basis for much of our nation's employment and prosperity; taxing them takes away incentive for continuing to produce; they have already said increased taxes deter them from hiring and investing in their businesses
-Most of these people are not "millionaires and billionaires"; the floor of this tax bracket is 250K - hardly millionaire territory