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Unconditional Compromise

In an age where lack of political correctness is viewed as a character flaw, there is increased pressure on Christians and churches (from within and from without) to "get along" with almost everyone and to avoid offense at all cost. Indeed, it would… more »

God will not dwell in a run-down house

Hebrews 3 - "...whose house we are, so long as we continue..." In Proverbs, "Through idleness of hands the house droppeth through." Just as a decent man will not live in a rickety shack, so God will not inhabit us so long as we have run-down, ransacke… more »

Musings on suffering

Some time back while studying Hebrews 2, a thought occurred to me: Suffering made Jesus what he is today. Now, we know that Jesus knew all things from the point of view of scientific knowledge. But he did not know all things experientially ("...yet… more »

Can a Christian Watch TV and Still Be Right with God?

Do you set wicked things before your eyes? In our age of never-ending entertainment, it seems there is always something to keep our minds occupied. By far the thing that is best at keeping our attention must be the television. While Momma is busy… more »

How to Lose Your Children

Ephesians 6:1-4 Colossians 3:21 It seems that there are so many children today who have no respect for their parents, which many parents blindly believe is a fulfillment of 2 Tim 3:2 (...disobedient to parents ...). And although many children are… more »

Confronting the Issue of Smoking in the Life of a Christian

Surely one of the most troublesome topics for Christians today is the issue of smoking. Is it a sin, or just a matter of preference for each individual? Does it really matter whether or not someone smokes? Can someone who smokes be right with the Lord?… more »