Having been around since the late 90s, this blog has gone from a rather ugly site created with Netscape Navigator's template to what you see today.  It is my place to write about events related to Christanity and politics.

Category: "Doctrine"

Can a Woman be a Man of God?

In this day of religious toleration and widespread acceptance of "new and better" things, many long-held beliefs and practices have come under scrutiny. Claiming that so much of old-fashioned religion is too old-fashioned for this modern day, many have… more »

A Greek Tragedy

  A GREEK TRAGEDY   A certain Bible college was teaching the "original" Greek to its eager students. The students were supposed to translate some Greek passages on their own. The Ground rules were. (1.) Translation must be uniform. (2.) You must… more »

If a modern Bible "scholar" evaluated "Jack and Jill"

I copied this from a friend. It's typical of your modern Bible college graduate, who gets educated beyond his spirituality. I know preachers whom I could envision giving this very speech... Modern Exegesis of Jack and Jill (From Atscft. Fur Alg. Bibifs… more »

Unconditional Compromise

In an age where lack of political correctness is viewed as a character flaw, there is increased pressure on Christians and churches (from within and from without) to "get along" with almost everyone and to avoid offense at all cost. Indeed, it would… more »

Bible-correcting Fundamental Baptists

This is from the tail end of a discussion I was in about Bible correctors among fundamental Baptists. Well, so much for Wycliffe's desire "that every man ... might read in the tongue wherein he was born the wonderful works of God." It's amazing to m… more »

Musings on suffering

Some time back while studying Hebrews 2, a thought occurred to me: Suffering made Jesus what he is today. Now, we know that Jesus knew all things from the point of view of scientific knowledge. But he did not know all things experientially ("...yet… more »


...Good Tidings of Great Joy Which Shall Be to All People... Luke 2:10 A Christian Perspective on Christmas By Pastor Billy Ball It never ceases to amaze me how that every year we seem to have another preacher come around and go to great lengths… more »

Can a Christian Watch TV and Still Be Right with God?

Do you set wicked things before your eyes? In our age of never-ending entertainment, it seems there is always something to keep our minds occupied. By far the thing that is best at keeping our attention must be the television. While Momma is busy… more »